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Backyard Wrestling In The News | National Enquirer TV (1999)

Backyard wrestling was big news in 1999. Here is a classic news report from National Enquirer TV on the phenomenon. Starring Mr. Fantastik, Scorpio Sky, Ekksanity and others.

The MTV True Life Series came to Downey, California in 2000 to do a feature on backyard wrestling. The wrestlers that appeared on the backyard wrestling documentary included Cosmic Smasher, Super Chunty, Youth Suicide, Larcen and so much more.

ABC 20/20 Ch. 7 News (1999)

ABC's 20/20 on the growing interest in the violent "sport" of backyard wrestling featuring Nick Teal and Youth Suicide of RWF and WWF's Mick Foley.

Screenshot_2021-01-25 Videos The BYW Lin

Luke Hadley and Friends a.k.a. DVLH, one of the first stars from the Best of Backyard Wrestling video series, is featured on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart!

You won't want to miss this awesome footage from 2002!

Screenshot_2021-01-26 backyard wrestling

Fox Sports One (1999)

Backyard Wrestling Central brings you another classic news story on backyard wrestling. This time Fox Sports One does an interesting spotlight on Youth Suicide (Andre Verdun). 1999.

Here's another clip of Death Vs. Luke Hadley (DVLH), this time ripping it up on ABC Action 2 News!

Backyard wrestling in the news, this time Fox News. Fox News does an "Undercover" piece on the craziness of backyard wrestling! Featuring SCWA. Backyard Wrestling Central is your one stop for all the craziest backyard wrestling clips ever recorded on VHS film. 1999-2002.

The Lizard and Chaos from High Impact Wrestling (AZ) are featured on the Jimmy Kimmel show! You won't believe what happens next!

Screenshot_2021-01-26 Richard James.png

Fox News 5 does a great piece on Backyard Wrestling in Canton, NY. (1999)

A backyard wrestling story on Telemundo's local Los Angeles news. Featuring SCWA, BWA, SWC and more.

 Telemundo Ch. 22 Los Angeles (1999).

Telemundo News covers SCWA backyard wrestling en Espanol.

UPN 13 Los Angeles Ch. 13 News (2001)

UPN and SCU's Christopher Daniels show up to a UEW Mock Show to discuss the backyard wrestling craze and Daniels is there to give his thoughts.

UPN drops in on The Ron and Mr. The Ron to discuss his hopes of becoming a professional wrestler like The Rock.


August 2000

An episode of 20/20 from 1999 discussing the subject of backyard wrestling. Featuring Connie Chung, Mick Foley, Vince McMahon, Andre Verdun, and Ronny Long.

CBS checks out "Extreme Wrestling" and speak with students of Ventura County High School in 1999. Featuring stills of Youth Suicide and Nick Teal.

In 2000, Extra did a story on Southern California independent wrestling federation, XPW and how it's influencing backyard wrestling!

Screenshot_2021-02-16 backyard wrestling

In 1998, backyard wrestling was HOT! Here's a Fox 11 Los Angeles story on the subject featuring Scorpio Sky's first federation, SWC.

"God puts you in a position... and he told me this is what he wants me to do..." KCAL News from Los Angeles interviews Cosmic Smasher and XSanity from Superstar Wrestling Connection to discuss the dangers and intrigue of backyard wrestling. Date: Circa 1999

DVLH Backyard Wrestling in the news.

Though backyard wrestling was not unheard of prior to the 1990s, the modern infamous backyard wrestling "craze" lasted from roughly 1996 to 2001 during a time when televised professional wrestling was enjoying a period of heightened popularity.

1998 Boston TV news segment about backyard wrestling, with an intro about Jesse Ventura as governor.

"...And we caution you these images are violent."

Local news affiliates in Southern California filmed a mock show featuring Underground Empire Wrestling. 

Show: KTLA Ch. 5 New Los Angeles

Date: January 13th, 2001

This UPN 9 News Segment originally aired on February 8th, 2001 after that night's airing of Smackdown!


This video covered the proliferation of backyard wrestling leagues that happened at this time.

1998 Boston TV news segment about backyard wrestling, with an intro KMBC's Martin Augustine reports that Sugar Creek views backyard wrestling as a violation of city code.

Aired on KMBC 9 in 2011.

Fox News - Undercover - Backyard Brawlers (1997)

BPW appearance on Fox News and Good Day L.A. 

ESW's Wicked J (Ben Garza) tragically passes away.

ABC KSAT 12. April 6th 2018.

Screenshot_2021-02-21 rayuflite - YouTub

MTV True Life Backyard Wrestler - Unused Bonus Footage Playlist

"This is the real show, as it was intended before WWF/ WWE got involved. Enjoy!"

Backyard Wrestling In The News Feat. Live Da Ron Interview | UPN 13 Los Angeles Ch. 13 News (2001)

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