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Screenshot 2021-07-28 at 12-34-25 Backyard Wrestling Theater #30 - Amateur Xtreme Entertai
Screenshot 2021-07-28 at 12-23-51 JobSquadRadio Podcast on Amazon Music.png

Check out the guys at Amateur Xtreme Entertainment Podcast!

AXE Podcast features  the ongoing installments of "Backyard Wrestling Theatre" where the guys watch their old videos from back in the day! 

Find them also on Facebook

Job Squad Radio on Amazon Music


Check out over 50 episodes featuring in-depth interviews with backyard wrestling legends and different companies! 

Find them also on Podbean and Patreon

Those Were the Days - A Backyard Podcast

A podcast retrospective of Australian Backyard Wrestling from the early 2000's & onward. Featuring guests globally known for some infamous videos, talking about their memories, funny stories & finding out what everyone has been up to since.

Find them also on Twitter

Tiger Talks Wrestling Podcast

Tony Millis hosts Tiger Talks Wrestling Podcast where he interviews East Coast backyard wrestlers, and reviews classic backyard wrestling events!

Find them also on Facebook and Twitter.

The Drain is a podcast hosted by South Australian musician KidCrusher.


The show primarily focuses on promoting underground content but due to KidCrusher's involvement with Xtreme Backyard Assault there is always a backyard wrestling element to the show!

Also available on Apple and Spotify


Life in the Backyard Wrestling Podcast by Aaron Matthews

Interviews with past and current Backyard Wrestlers from around the globe


On Your Mark Wrestling Podcast with Mark E. Xtreme 


"Ladies and Gentlemen join the fifteen year undefeated Backyard Wrestling Entertainment Champion and YouTube sensation Mark E Xtreme tackle wrestling topics like WWE, John Cena, AEW, Lucha Libre, Divas, and much more. Mark along with his idiotic sidekick student Skeeter Skyflyer give their Hardcore and Uncensored perspective every week from the backyard to your ear holes. Exclusively on Dragon Wagon Radio every Wednesday!"


Fueled by Coffee Podcast

Check out this multi-topic podcast as you relax in your favorite easy chair and sip a freshly brewed cup of java! 

There are plenty of backyard wrestling and independent wrestling stories to keep you busy! 

Find them also on Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook and the world wide web

Screenshot 2021-07-28 at 18-16-46 Backyard Breakdowns Jobber Radio_edited.jpg

Jobber Radio - Backyard Beatdowns

Check out the extensive 'Backyard Beatdowns' section on Jobber Radio for an extensive look at the podcast hosts backyard wrestling fed, UBW.

12 episodes to get you started Have a listen today! 


Drunken Peasants

A podcast format channel featuring Benpai and Billy the Fridge as they break down news, entertainment, and politics that are most interesting to them, while providing you with opinions and commentary "from an altered perspective".

Featuring former Backyard Wrestling Link members and mainstays, Billy the Fridge and Scott Hensen


Beyond The Yard Podcast with Derrick Destroyer of ACW

This podcast features interviews with backyard wrestlers around the world, particularly the Florida region.


Find interviews featuring backyarders from EBW, ATW, MEBW, CMW and more! 


Don't Backyard Wrestle At Home by Marion Armstrong

A Wrestling Podcast with an Xtreme Twist. Host Marion Armstrong interviews Professional Wrestlers about their BACKYARD WRESTLING DAYS!

gbywn podcast.jpg

Global Backyard Wrestling Network - Podcast

Rad Hazard comes through for the backyard wrestling community with a detailed look at backyard wrestling around the globe! This podcast gives you a great chance to learn about those feds from the last decade!


Global Backyard Wrestling Network - Australia Podcast

Australian backyard wrestling certainly made a name for itself in the 2000's. Aston Crude brings you 94 episodes of everything you need to know about our sub-culture from the land down under! 

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