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Jesse “Madman” Manson decided to live out his fantasy by starting an underground Professional Wrestling league in the backyards of Spokane, Washington. Ten years later, Spokane Anarchy Wrestling is gaining momentum and popularity, but Jesse’s injuries from years of wrestling are proving to be a threat to the one thing that has given him an outlet to express himself.

Screenshot_2021-01-25 Welcome to Backyar

This is a short documentary on backyard wrestling in SoCal from film makers Matt Luem & Greg Fiering. Here Comes Greatness is a film that follows several of the old backyard wrestlers during wrestling's boom period. Released in 2010. Featured in Wholphin No. 12.

Backyard Wrestling Link - The Documentary

The most controversial topic in Pro Wrestling today! Back Yard Wrestling! Do you even know? Do YOU even understand? Dive into a hidden community that changed the face of Pro Wrestling, A story that was hidden and untold until now! Forget the trash that's associated with BYW and step into a world that will blow you away. This non-profit documentary covers the history of the online community known as "The Back Yard Wrestling Link". 

The Backyard Wrestling Documentary of PHW West Haven, CT.

This two-hour documentary explores the detailed history of PHW Backyard Wrestling from West Haven Connecticut. Throughout this well-edited and engaging documentary we are told the complex history of PHW from the mouths of the former wrestlers themselves.

Whether it is exploring the details of PHW's own locally run television show or the bitter rivalry that existed between themselves and rival federations, there is never a dull minute. Watch Today!

The Backyard - Paul Hough - 2002 (Feature Film/ Deleted Scenes/ Audio Commentary)

Love it or hate it, The Backyard has stood the test of time as a cult classic from the golden period BYW culture. Director Paul Hough documents the American and British underground backyard wrestling scene from the early 2000's. 

This movie was literally sewn and cultivated thanks in large part to the Backyard Wrestling Link Message Board. The majority of the feds on this movie were found thanks to the BYWLINK. Scar, The Lizard, The Retarded Butcher, High Impact Wrestling and East-Norfolk Backyard Wrestling were all active members of the BYWLINK back in the day.

THE HISTORY OF MXW: A Backyard Wrestling Documentary

Taking a look back where it all began. The rich history of the backyard wrestling company known as MXW. Before it's return in 2020, MXW was throwing suplexes and clotheslines way before then.

Blood, Sweat & Friends: The Art of Backyard Wrestling

In the 1990's, backyard wrestling took a viral rise in media, videos showcasing teens around the country mimicking the actions of their favorite wrestlers and characters in WWE, WCW, and so forth. Now, in 2013, backyard wrestling has survived in a new era, what also some claim to be a more "professional" era in backyard wrestling. Watch as several backyard wrestlers discuss how the game has changed in this hobby-turned-lifestyle.

Screenshot_2021-01-26 Blood, Sweat Frien

Wicked Shit Wrestling - Backyard Wrestling Documentary

"A documentary of Windsors most successful Backyard Wrestling Federation"

A subculture exists throughout contemporary suburban Britain that many find hard to comprehend: educated teenagers regularly gather in 'Federations' to inflict terrible wounds on one another. This 'sport,' originally based on professional wrestling, contains all the ritual and commentary of a WWE bout, but the fighters use a bewildering and quite terrifying array of weapons including staple guns, barbed-wire-encased light tubes and planks covered in thumbtacks.


Tournaments are staged in back gardens, car parks and even living rooms; the ensuing carnage is filmed, and highlights posted on the net for a growing army of fans. Using the boys' own words and experiences, Lock Up Your Sons explores the complex psychological and sociological issues surrounding the fighting. Is this extreme violence a means of relieving aggression or a search for a sense of identity?

Check out out this well-done backyard wrestling documentary featuring CCW wrestler "Evan". 

Directed and Produced by: Phil Spruner

The BWO Story: A Backyard Wrestling Documentary


Why do backyard wrestlers do it?


We don't get paid, we aren't in front of millions of fans, and we are often considered "garbage wrestling. It is for the love of the business and in this documentary 4 BWO wrestlers tell you their story and what is their why.

A documentary about pro wrestling fans and the passion that consumes them. This fantastic documentary includes several segments with backyard wrestlers. 

Filmed and edited in Northern England, 2003.

By Paul Allworthy & Richard Kershaw.

WXW Backyard Wrestling has a growing community and fanbase behind their advterised backyard wrestling shows. Check out this documentary to get a glimpse into these New Zealanders! 

Created at Southseas Film School

Guts and Glory - 2002

Backyard wrestling documentary from director Lee Burton featuring East Norfolk Backyard Wrestling. Boys. those guys sure knew how to market themselves! 

Watch it today!

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