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Backyard Wrestling has long been celebrated (and mocked) in the discourse of popular culture. Whether people like backyard wrestling or not, backyard wrestling made a great enough impact in popular culture to become something that everyone knows about. Let us take a look at some of the best (and worst!) backyard wrestling pop culture moments.

Screenshot 2022-01-15 at 11-16-50 Workaholics - Se5 - Ep2 - Front Yard Wrestling HD Watch

Workaholics - Season 5 Episode 2

The boys decide to start a public access backyard wrestling show in hopes to raise enough money for rent. Featuring Ben Stiller as the landlord! 

Want more? Here's a clip of Blake Andersen in the backyard! And here's him on Conan talking about backyard wrestling!


South Park - Season 13 Episode 10

After seeing their first live WWE wrestling match, the boys decide to form their own wrestling federation, and they gain a huge redneck following.

Adult Swim - Backyard Wrestling Gator

Odd Future relives their most favorite past-time, Backyard Wrestling! 

Things go to crazy levels in this comedic video! Watch it today!

Hype Magazine's looks into Georgia country rap duo The Lac's and their backyard wrestling themed video, "Redneck Roots."

There is plenty of action and laughter as these southern country boys take backyard wrestling to a whole new level with their own backwoods twist.

Flatbush Zombies invades the infamous backyards of P.O.R Wrestling in this backyard wrestling inspired music video!

Check out "New World Order" today, on this web article from Rolling Stone! Long-live backyard wrestling!

Los Angeles based singer-songwriter, Deb Never, has released her "bedroom-pop/grungey hip-hop" song "Stone Cold" where she invades a wild, backyard wrestling show.

This might be your new favourite song, I'm not kidding. 

Sure, you've seen some music videos now with backyard wrestling in them... well, have you heard of the band called 'Backyard Wrestling'?

I think you're going to love their song "Strong Style." I did!

So what if it hurts? (Check out their full album here)


So maybe country, hip-hop, pop or alternative isn't your thing? Don't worry, I've got a solution!

Do you like polished speed metal with a touch of early period throwback? Do you like black leather, long hair and metal spikes? Then check out this music video by Delirium Tremens called "Backyard Wrestling." Great shredding!

Have you made it this far yet? I hope you did because I'm saving some of the best for last.

If you like indie/surf-punk bands with a touch of nostalgia you won't want to miss the music video from Voodoo Bandits called "Backyard Wrestling." Unbelievably catchy!

Are you still not satisfied? Maybe you would prefer a band that sounds like they grew up in a morgue?

Check out Pittsburgh power-violence/grind-core natives 'Purge' with their song "Backyard Wrestling" off of their 2014 album, Sewage. 

Minnesota Timberwolves player, Ricky Rubio, stars in his own backyard wrestling inspired commercial for Adidas/Foot Locker. 

Check the video out here

NFL Player George Kittle teams up with fellow player T.J. Hockensen to challenge the competition in a steel-cage grilling match!

Check out this backyard wrestling inspired commercial for Kingsford hickory wood pellets! I bet this stuff would go well with J.R.'s barbecue sauce! 

Kyle Grubbin's Backyard Wrestling Home Video

Check out a scene from the 2008 Lionsgate film "Dance of the Dead" where the boys get up to a bit of craziness in the backyard! 

The Internet's most well known Backyard Wrestling interviewer, Mark E Xtreme put together a fantastic pilot web show called "Yarders - Backyard Wrestling Entertainment." 

Hopefully someone picks this up and makes it into a real show! Great stuff! 

Screenshot 2022-01-21 at 13-19-51 The Backyard Life - The Backyard Bandits (Eps 1).png

Looking to watch a cute but clever homemade backyard wrestling web series? Check out the 15 part amateur show called The Backyard Bandits!

Backyard wrestling doesn't always have to be serious! Enjoy!

Senor Gordo is featured in this backyard wrestling themed mockumentary. 

Backyard Wrestlers come in all shapes and sizes, and Senor Gordo makes no exception to that rule. 

One of the coolest finds we've discovered so far is Extreme Showdown Wrestling's appearance on the music video "Modern Jesus" by Portugal.The Man.

Featuring backyard superhero, the immortal Wicked J! 

Dan Dickerson hosts this short satirical skit featuring The Punisher against Randy Savage. 

Cowboy hats, dog rope microphones and outrageous backyard wrestling costumes... what more could you want?

SomethingElseTV produced a comedic short over a decade ago that I still love to this day!

Check out what happens when two punk teenagers get too crazy in a backyard wrestling match! Will Dad step in and lay down the law, once and for all?

SonicVison Studios - Backyard Wrestling

What could happen when the Blue Blazer and the Green Machine team up against heavyweights 'Too Much to Handle'?

Watch this satirical bit to find out! 

Another great song was found by our staff! 

Check out 'Backyard Wrestling' by Buni Muni

Released August 2021 on Beautality Records


What does it take to be a champion? Do you need a strong role model in your life? Are you willing to touch another man?

Coming to you live from Grandma's backyard is #2 Worldwide Champion of the No Contact Wrestling Federation, The Sensual Shazma.

Check out this backyard wrestling parody skit by Whale Pranks

Trailer Park Boys - Season 4, Episode 4

Ricky brainstorms ways to raise money to purchase the trailer park and today that includes backyard wrestling at Sunnyvale's annual Community Day.

Click here to see what happens when Ricky and The Green Bastard go head-to-head against Lahey and Randy!

Ade & the Crash Burn Inferno feat. Narko'$ - Ain't Got Time To Bleed

Destruction Championship Wrestling is featured in this Italian speed metal music video! Turn the lights down, turn the volume up and thrash the fuck out to this ripping vid! Horns in the air!

We've seen lots of different music styles so far, be it rock and roll, hip-hop or anything in between.

Now it's time to check out "Backyard Wrestler Guy" by Wally Pleasant in this acoustic guitar tune!

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