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Appetite for Destruction Championship Wrestling

Updated: Mar 8

Hailing from the mean streets of Kingston, Pennsylvania there exists a backyard wrestling group that mixes one part carnival with equal parts chaos for their growing legion of devoted online fans. Destruction Championship Wrestling (DCW) is another pandemic-born backyard wrestling company that decided to use their newly found free time to get ultra-violent with their friends and family in the 'yard.

DCW is more than your typical hardcore inspired backyard fed, they clearly bring the love for their product. The love is in the detail and they don't just beat the shit out of each other for fun, they do it with heart. Although several spots in some matches are clear botches, the matches are fun to watch and the shows are enjoyable from start to finish. For me that's in part due to the entertaining commentator "Luscious Lou" who keeps me laughing during the event. Throughout the event there were more than a few "Holy Fuck" moments with big moves executed in their great sounding ring. I particularly enjoyed a match-up of Dyl Von against Jäger in a highly technical, submission-only Iron Man match.

DCW also brings it when it comes to deathmatch wrestling. Broken glass over shirtless backs is something I will always enjoy watching. In one match Erik Massacre's back poured with blood after several hits with fluorescent glass light tubes from opponent Noah Hendrix.

That being said, I feel as if some wrestlers practiced the spots or rehearsed the match a little more than we would get more out of the DCW match-ups. Don't be afraid to eat a big boot or take a hit from the title belt, after all, it's for the fans!

DCW embraces a certain subculture of weirdness, whether that's trace elements of juggalo, outcast misfit, redneck or rock and roller. Many times while I watch the footage almost feel like I'm watching a legalized street fight conducted in the backyard slum of an inner city neighborhood. Is this a backyard wrestling show or a series of fights at a daytime keg party? Are these backyard wrestlers or transient felons looking for legal avenues to release otherwise criminally prosecuted violent tendencies? I had to watch more to find out.

As I delve deeper into the DCW library I'm drawn to the conclusion that much of the show is indeed like watching a backyard wrestling version of the Gathering of the Juggalo's. Tattooed arms, foul language and painted clown faces I swear I could be easily watching unreleased early footage of Juggalo Championshit Wrestling. One of the most colorful characters is "Chaos the clown", a rude, slurry voiced individual covered in smeared, creepy face paint and clothed head-to-toe in thrift store rags. I reached out to DCW and after much hesitation I agreed to be put on a voice call with Chaos the Clown.

Here's what Chaos the Clown had to say when the Backyard Wrestling Link inquired to know what inspired his character:

Another great part of the DCW brand is their web-show, "DCW Home Invasion." Now into the third season, Home Invasion delivers to the fans all the comedy vignettes and call-out promos they can handle for the week. In the most recent episode we see that the DCW crew recently ordered a professional ring to the DCW arena. This kind of investment and commitment will surely elevate DCW to higher levels in the underground backyard wrestling scene. Since it is winter time in Pennsylvania, DCW provides us with our wrestling fill during the off-months with indoors matches in the garage, while other east coast feds have called it quits for the season. Home Invasion also gives us a backstage pass into the private lives of your favorite DCW wrestlers. We get to see how they live and interact and are given glimpses into their world outside of backyard wrestling.

One thing DCW needs to work on is uploading videos in higher quality resolution. Some of the uploads were at a dismal 240p, which is almost unheard of in 2023. I don't know what it takes to get a top of the line camera, but there's got to be a degenerate selling one on a street corner for crack money somewhere!

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