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Brookwood 4 Wrestling Documentary

The guys at Indy Wrestling School have put together a fantastic three-part documentary that explores and explains the colourful history behind their backyard wrestling company!

From public access to the pro's, learn how a group of friends turned childhood dreams into big-time reality. Watch it today!

Not every backyard wrestling documentary has to be serious! Some are light hearted and made for school projects rather than the online backyard wrestling community. This recent find from the staff at the BYWLINK is a testament to the funnier, less serious side of the early BYW period. 

Check out this vintage backyard wrestling mockumentary from NRICH Productions entitled "Pro Wrestling: A Closer Look". 

The Controversies of New York Backyard Wrestling

Backyard Wrestling was absolutely HUGE in New York in the early 2000's. People all around the world tuned in weekly to follow these backyard feds who took over city parks and playgrounds. Backyard wrestling in New York gained a reputation for being over-the-top and stiff. This sixty-minute documentary serves as a great start for the un-initiated in their requisite learning of N.Y. B.Y.W. 

Greg Scott - The Backyard Wrestler - Sawbuck Films (2013)

"Somewhere in northeastern Georgia, there's a man who lives for wrestling. While driving the country roads one day in the fall of 2011, I spotted the well-used professional ring in a back yard. A man and his parents were unloading groceries from the car and carting them into the house whose yard boasted the full-size wrestling/boxing ring. I had to stop and talk with them. Within a few minutes, our talking turned to filming. I have a lot of respect and admiration for the Backyard Wrestler. He's committed, passionate, and generous with his professional expertise."


AHW: Beyond The Backyard

Check out this short (but sick!) documentary on the hardcore fed know only as AHW. Your host Brandon Thompson walks us through this groups colourful and crazy history in the backyard. You don't want to miss this classic backyard wrestling video! 

Independent, Indian news publication Scroll does a fantastic segment on one of the many Indian backyard wrestling groups that are going viral!

Professional wrestling is huge in India, and with an estimated population of 1.4 billion people there is a huge market for these backyard groups to appeal to. I fully expect India (and other Eastern countries) to be at the fore-front of the next backyard wrestling wave. 

ewa bgky.jpg

Check out the fantastic multi-part documentary featuring Extreme Wrestling Alliance from Bowling Green, Kentucky! 

Active in the early 2000's EWA was able to turn their hobby backyard fed into the highest rated show in Kentucky Public Access history! You don't want to miss this one! 

Crude Awakening - Aston Crude short documentary

Check out this ten-minute teaser for Australian backyard wrestler Aston Crude. I don't think the final documentary was released. If anyone has a link, contact us. 

por uwf everything phine.jpg

The undisputed kings of backyard ultra-violence, P.O.R Wrestling and Underground Wrestling Federation were featured in a multi-segment video from YouTube channel, Everything's Phine. 

You dont want to miss UWF and P.O.R close up like never before. 

NGJPW BACKYARD WRESTLING: Wrestlefest: The Streak, Documentary

Division Nic opens up to the world about what happened the night his streak ended at NGJPW Wrestlefest. Hear from current and former NGJPW wrestlers about the 'streak' and the meaning the 'streak' has to Wrestlefest!


Arguably one of the most well-known backyard wrestlers to make it, is AEW's very own Fuego Del Sol. Before the mad-man from Mobile became a pro wrestler he was a backyard wrestler in the KBW. His group had a solid Internet following and maintains a cult following in the underground BYW community to this very day. 

Rinzler Productions hosts an 8 part series into the history of KBW wrestlers, including Fuego Del Sol, giving you the full story on this Alabamian fed. 


Get a glimpse of the nature of the Theatric Wrestling All-Stars by watching this nine part series on the wrestlers who make up the TWA.

Great stuff, you dont't want to miss it! 

One of the greatest backyard legends in NGJPW shares with you their story, journey and their personal reality as they struggle to get to the top.

Watch it today!

The Backyard Beast

MJ Clark reflects and remarks on his experience in the wild world of backyard wrestling. Watch as his recounts his story of personal growth as he rode the highs and lows of the first backyard wrestling wave.

Budget Wrestling League: The Documentary

Ricky at Indy Wrestling School is back with another amazing documentary that explores and explains the colourful history behind the backyard wrestling group known as the Budget Wrestling League.

Other backyard feds should take note at the expert story-telling and editing this video has when creating their own documentary. Amazing work! 

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