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Anything Goes Wrestling, or AGW, is a series of wrestling shows held in a high schooler's backyard. In this documentary you will witness the ups and downs of these wild wrestling shows and delve into the minds of the passionate performers behind them.

Great story-telling and editing! Never a dull moment! You can't help but be a fan of AGW after watching this documentary. Check it out today!

Here is a documentary filmed in 2002, from yours truly, Matt Given.

Hard Core Wrestling from Port Elgin, Ontario released a short film for my Media Studies class over twenty years ago. From what I remember I got 100% on this term-end project.

Relive our backyard feds history as we showcase the best of what we had to offer!

Freak Wrestling Kamenz has been making their impact on the European backyard wrestling scene for years and has recently graduated from the backyard into a professional wrestling company.

If you speak German, then sit back with your favourite German import beer and relive the history of FWK as they take you through the highs and lows of running a wrestling company.

Photographer Les Haswell puts together a ripping video featuring photos and audio from a Back Yard Craziness show.

Get a glimpse into their world of backyard wrestling in this short but sweet, still photo video. Anyone know the band of the song in this video? Let me know!

BKW Wrestling: Forever Hardcore takes us through several insane moments in this hardcore youth backyard wrestling group.

Witness the carnage in this revealing documentary and see what these chilren were willing to do for Internet fame.

Screenshot 2023-03-12 at 22-43-41 SBW Break Loose 2™.png

The Backyard Wrestling Link has uncovered another hidden gem in backyard wrestling history.

Check out this documentary from 2001 that details the rise of DCW and IWA backyard wrestling as they became the National Wrestling Federation.

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Backyard Wrestling Cinema is Indy Wrestling School's newest in-depth backyard wrestling series. Now into it's second season, Backyard Wrestling Cinema walks us through the colorful history of a small-time backyard wrestling operation as they grew into a public access televised show and eventually an independent wrestling company.

Click here for the playlist for season one!

German backyard wrestling mainstays, Freak Wrestling Kamenz is back at it again, this time being featured on a television program from German broadcaster MDR Sachsenspiegel.

Although FWK has graduated from the backyard to the independent circuit, here is another example of a backyard fed using local media to establish and promote their brand.

Don't understand German? Turn on the auto-translated English captions on YouTube!

East Los Productions invades West Texas Underground's latest event, Valentines Day Massacre, and gives us access into previously never-before-seen backstage proceedings of WTU.

Learn about the company and the characters that compose WTU, such as Smalls and Big Bear, as they lace up the boots and step into the squared circle for the entertainment of those in attendance.

Don't sleep on this one! Great stuff!

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